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HMB LINTEC marine GmbH  Products  Lattice Boom Crane

                                                                                  LATTICE BOOM CRANE

                                                                                  The Offshore lattice boom crane is supplied as King Post mast crane. The mast crane consists mainly of a steel mast welded to the deck. Only the jib and mast head rotate. Around the mast, there are two rotateable rings – the slew platform which has the jib and its pivots, the control cabin and tugger winches if required - and the masthead with the connection for the luffing tackles and the main hoists. The masthead is fitted on a slew bearing and is free to rotate to follow the direction of the luffing tackles.

                                                                                  The advantage of a mast crane is that the load moment is transferred through the mast construction rather than the slew bearing, which makes the slew bearing less critical. The larger the SWL of a mast crane the more beneficial are the costs of slewing bearings compared to a comparable pedestal crane.

                                                                                  The cranes are available from SWL 50t – 3000t lifting capacity and are supplied according to customer requirements and optional features.


                                                                                  • DNV-GL, ABS Class and several design standards (API 2C, NORSOK)

                                                                                  • Electric, electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic drive

                                                                                  • Limited and unlimited slewing range

                                                                                  • Personal transport (main- or auxiliary- hook)

                                                                                  • Anti-collision system

                                                                                  • CCTV monitoring camera system

                                                                                  • Reverse power system

                                                                                  • Remote maintenance system

                                                                                  • MOPS/AOPS

                                                                                  • Constant tension

                                                                                  • Anti-icing system

                                                                                  • Personnel transport

                                                                                  • Active Heave Compensation