HMB LINTEC marine GmbH  Services  Repair & Refurbishment

                                                                                  REPAIR & REFURBISHMENT 

                                                                                  The workshop of HMB Lintec marine is equipped to carry out full crane repairs and refurbishments for marine and offshore crane components. The repair and refurbishment program covers e.g.:
                                                                                  • Slewing gearboxes

                                                                                  • Control valve blocks
                                                                                  • Cylinders
                                                                                  • Winches
                                                                                  • Hydraulic and electric components

                                                                                  HMB Lintec marine also disassembles the complete crane. While doing this work the HMB Lintec marine service engineers inspect structural, mechanical and electrical components and advice on necessary repair or replacement activities within an evaluation report. Special machinery is available for the repair and refurbishment work of cranes and crane components.

                                                                                  In addition HMB Lintec marine is able to modify the crane system with the following add-ons:

                                                                                  • Load turning device

                                                                                  • Additional winch cooling for grab operation
                                                                                  • System modification according to customer´s requirements