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                                            SPARE PARTS 

                                            Spare parts and materials will be required for routine planned maintenance. The specific items and quantities will be estimated from the maintenance tasks and maintenance schedule. HMB Lintec marine is responsible to ensure sufficient parts and materials are stocked for routine planned maintenance as well as for corrective maintenance.

                                            AS MUCH AS PRACTICAL AND AS LITTLE AS NECESSARY

                                            It has been estimated by one manufacturer that 80% of downtime on a crane can be prevented by keeping 20% of spare parts immediately available. The crane manufacturer should provide the customer with a detailed essential spares list which should include any long lead items.

                                            Additional spares may be needed for the installation and commissioning process. HMB Lintec marine ensures that these are available so that the process is not delayed.

                                            Due to a big spare part stock HMB Lintec marine can react on spare part requests on short notice. We deliver many parts directly from our stock. Also freight and customs arrangements is handled by our service team.

                                            The supply spare parts of the following crane brands:

                                            • HMB Lintec marine

                                            • NMF
                                            • MacGregor
                                            • Liebherr
                                            • Mariner
                                            • Others

                                            Wire ropes are supplied from several European wire rope manufacturers.