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                                            INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING 

                                            The installation activities, crane start-up procedures and crane load test is supervised by our HMB Lintec marine service engineers world-wide.

                                            After the pedestal flange is prepared, the crane is installed on the pedestal, bolts are all fitted and the ropes winded on the drums then the commissioning of the crane can start.

                                            Commissioning on site shall be done in the presence of the customer and – if necessary – the classification society. The testing of capacity and functionality and the adjustment of the safety devices on the cranes is an important part of the commissioning procedure. All the conditions that could affect the crane are considered and their likely impact estimated. The customer will receive documented reports on the outcome of the trials.

                                            Approval test will be carried out with rated load as recommended by International Standard, to ensure safe & reliable working environment at the test site.