Hanger heads
7.00 € 7.00 € 7.0 EUR
Product information "suspension heads"
according to EN 1677-4 for 3- and 4-leg chain slings, quality class 8
USB Stick HMB LINTEC marine 32 GB USB 3.0
12.00 € 12.00 € 12.0 EUR
USB Stick LINTEC marine 32 GB USB 3.0
Chain Hoist
95.00 € 95.00 € 95.0 EUR
Product info "Chain Hoist"
galvanized Chain acc. to EN 818-7
vielseitige Einsatzmöglichkeiten z.B. zum Heben, Ziehen und Zurren von Lasten
SWL from 0,25 - 9,0t
solid housing from steel sheet
short lever with rubber handle for safe operation
galvanized chain for better corrosion protection
overrunning function to pull chain through without load
turnable hook
Usefull e.g. for exchanging of wire sheaves or for hoisting of heavy equipment
Gear pulley / chain hoist
109.00 € 109.00 € 109.0 EUR
Product information "Gear pulley / chain hoist"
With the compact, robust SHT spur gear pulley blocks with load capacities of 500 - 10,000 kg, you always make the right choice. All spur pulley blocks come with a galvanized load chain according to EN 818-7:

-Highest possible safety through asbestos-free disc brake and 2 ratchets with ratchet wheel
- robust due to sheet steel housing, better corrosion protection as standard with galvanized load and hand chain, standard preservation RAL 5015 approx. 60 µm
-compact design, thus making the best possible use of the room height
-Easy handling, rotatable load and carrying hook with galvanized hook safety
-GS certificate from the German TÜV
-optional with chain box, special colors on request